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Resolution: The Wolf Among Us, revisited.

The Wolf Among Us

Yet another post from my New Year’s resolution to not kill in video games. Today it’s a second play through of Wolf Among Us, and is dedicated to my friends at Telltale Kyle and Dave.

So in my original playthrough of Wolf Among Us, I didn’t like it. It wasn’t until a while later that I realized it wasn’t much because of aspects of the game, but because of my own baggage from real life that I brought into the experience. For the purposes of this write up I’m going to have to open up about some personal stuff a little, but this isn’t a diary or a tumblr post so I’m not just going to whine for sympathy. It’ll be relevant to the game experience in the end.

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6 TellTale Games We Want Made


Like always we’re going to try and be smart about this. We hope to come up with ideas that really fit TellTale’s style for narrative and choice driven game design. We are not, however, going to to be worrying about IP licensing and what not. I mean TellTale is currently working on games with DC Vertigo, Image, Gearbox, and HBO. So who knows what IP they could get to play with in the future. Speaking of that, TellTale is busy. They’ve got a lot of stuff already planned for the next few years. But we think it would be awesome to see them move on to some of these next. Let the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones series of games pay the bills, but continue to innovate and take risks on making some new stuff like you’ve been doing so far TellTale!

Also I keep saying “we” because GP and myself (Eric John E) are working on this one together. Just because we felt like it. We are each going to choose three.

GP here. This is probably going to be a long article, so if you’re short on time, just skip Eric’s choices and read mine ;). 

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