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The Future of Television

Future of TV

Television is a medium on the verge of a pretty big change. This isn’t because of a hardware change in screens, it is because there are many people who aren’t buying standard cable plans anymore. Netflix instant watch, different TV networks’ websites, and torrenting have replaced typical distribution of shows for many people. Many are looking at this trend and speculating that television is a dying medium. Alternatively, some are saying that television will continue to exist, but only in a format similar to Netflix’s shows, where every episode of a season is delivered all at once. I disagree. Live TV isn’t dead. And waiting in between installments of episodes definitely isn’t either.
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PS4 First Impressions

I’ve made it to the next generation. With every console I can see the wide expanse of games both good and bad growing toward the horizon. From the seventh generation on I always say that the graphics suck. JUST so when I look back I will be right. Anyway, why the PS4? I felt like I could open up my library more when Sony gets their streaming capabilities working. I also really love Sony’s mobile consoles having played two PSP’s to their breaking points and having a Vita in my hands glued to my hands on all those flights for business trips. I was really wooed by the E3 demo for the PS4 and while the Xbox One’s representation at E3 was most likely done by an elaborate performance troupe dedicated to destroying the reputation of what (by some accounts) is a fine and even amazing piece of hardware. Okay so lets get talking about my new favorite toy!

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