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The Loved Ones / My Love for a Challenge

I am not only gonna be talking about the Australian 2009 flick The Loved Ones in this little review I am also gonna start out by going down memory lane. Remember freshman year? When late nights in the common room meant stealthy drinking, imagining your female dorm mates naked, and hoping that, that hot girl on the second floor would walk through in her panties again (holy shit that was a moment). Well there was a SPECIFIC part of freshman year that I will remember for the rest of my life… and its not sex.

So... standard prom?

So… standard prom?

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Valentine’s Day Movie Massacre!

For the last five years I’ve dedicated my Valentine’s Day to watching horror flicks! Violent, Gory, and Disturbing horror movies are the truest expression of love! Since we are all *sniff* apart I thought I would expose you to a few horror movies that will make you love again or not! I am limiting myself to movies on Netflix and YouTube for your convenience. I’ve chosen movies with a romantic subplot that I found to be more complex. In past years I’ve picked movies that have people eating hearts or movies that would make you swear off love but this year I wanted to pick movies that were a little more optimistic about the thing called love. Obviously the films may be pessimistic or messed up but I think the romance shines through!

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The Five Marvel Films That Should be made after Ant-Man (and Doctor Strange)


This article is going to partially be a wish list for the Marvel movies I want to see soon. I’m going to try and do my best to do so rationally, as in choosing ones that actually stand a good to decent chance of being made. This is also partially a reaction to various websites that seam unhappy that some of their favorite characters are not being made while Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are. Also, every Superhero movie until 2016 has been announced, so get over it and hope for the future.

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The Lego Movie: Review



Spoilers (Duh)

So quick summary. The hero is Emmet, the most neutral construction worker ever.He live in a generic lego city, where every one follows the directions. The directions are literally the direction booklets that come with every lego set now a days (and so the meta fiction begins.) He finds what is called “the piece of resistance”  and it gets stuck to his back, which mean he’s the hero. He meets a bunch of “master builders” which are lego people who can build cool things out of  random pieces because they are actually creative (like you are supposed to do with legos). They want to stop Lord Business, who is the bad guy. Lord Business hates when people make things out of legos that aren’t in the directions so he wants to fix everything, permanently (which means gluing it together, and the piece of resistance is the glue cap). Lord Business is played by Will Ferrell too (this is actually important to the story).

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