Resolution: Forza Horizon 2


Yet another game playing experience writing thing for my New Year’s resolution experiment, to try to not kill in video games. This time I’ll be talking about having played Forza Horizon 2.

This game was a weird one for me, so before I get into it I want to just state a few things. Firstly, I think the game is capital G, Good. By that I mean it knew what it wanted to be, and the experience it wanted to deliver for the kind of person most likely to play it. It then delivered on that, whole heartedly. Secondly, the game is fun. “Fun” is traditionally a dirty word in design since its meaning is so nebulous. So when I say it now, I mean that the core gameplay felt good, or right. I enjoyed the core act of driving. That being said, I can’t say I care for the experience as a whole. Not bad, just dull.

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Resolution: Amazing Spider-Man 2, the game


So I decided to get this game not because it could be good, but purely as a celebration of the wonderful news that came out last week. If you live in a world without internet, and somehow magically are reading this post, that news is that Spider-Man will be rebooting in the films as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s a bunch of other legal mumbo jumbo around it, but that’s not really relevant to this post. Instead this post is just about the game, and some possible realization I’m having about the character thematically.

First off this game has a lot going for it, which if you only have seen review scores, you’ll find as surprising as I did (part of why review scores are BS, but that’s a topic for another day I think.) In fact I think this might be my favorite superhero game in a long time. Please note that I do not think it’s my favorite game in which you play as a superhero character. I’ll explain the difference.

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Resolution: The Wolf Among Us, revisited.

The Wolf Among Us

Yet another post from my New Year’s resolution to not kill in video games. Today it’s a second play through of Wolf Among Us, and is dedicated to my friends at Telltale Kyle and Dave.

So in my original playthrough of Wolf Among Us, I didn’t like it. It wasn’t until a while later that I realized it wasn’t much because of aspects of the game, but because of my own baggage from real life that I brought into the experience. For the purposes of this write up I’m going to have to open up about some personal stuff a little, but this isn’t a diary or a tumblr post so I’m not just going to whine for sympathy. It’ll be relevant to the game experience in the end.

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Resolution: Life is Strange, episode 1


Another installment of my New Year’s resolution to try not to kill in video games. This game doesn’t actually have to killing, so like some past entries, this will read more like a review of my experience.

For any sad soul who doesn’t know, Life is Strange is a new episodic game that innovates on the model that Telltale has been using since Walking Dead: Season 1 with the addition of some time control mechanics. I’m just going to cut to the chase and say that this game is hella dope, and use the rest of the piece to explain why.

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Resolution: 5 minutes of Shadow of Mordor


New post from my new year’s resolution to try to not kill anyone in video games.

So I know when I said I wanted to play Shadow of Mordor during my no killing in games resolution, people didn’t believe I could do it. To those dirty nay sayers I scoffed at, and went and bought the game and placed that disk into my xbone and started to play it. And guess what?! They were right.

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Resolution: Pokemon, the first generation


That’s right, I have successfully captured 1 of every Pokemon numbering 1-150 (151 is Mew, who can not be owned on the new games without hacking, as far as I’m aware.) I’m not talking about filling the Pokedex either. I’m saying in my pc box is one of everything, Bulbasaur to Mewtwo. Everyone should be super impressed with me right now.

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Resolution: Murdered, Soul Suspect

murdered soul suspect screen

That’s right it’s time for a new post about my weird New Year’s resolution to not kill anyone in a video game. Today, or night, I’ll be talking about the game Murdered, Soul Suspect, as I’m sure you gathered by the title. The quick summary is that you play as a newly dead detective trying to solve your own murder and having ghost adventures.

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Resolution: TF2


Here’s my first gaming experience with the New Year’s resolution to not kill people in games. You can find my first post describing the resolution itself somewhere on this website I’m sure.

So when I first started my resolution, I didn’t have any game consoles in my new apartment. This limited my first game choice to something on my Steam library (which exists on a Mac laptop, so it’s not great). That’s pretty much the only reason I started with Team Fortress 2.

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Resolution: Day 1


So the other day after playing some Domination in Call of Duty with some friends, I decided what new year’s resolution I wanted to try. After running through the map, capturing points, and usually leading the team in points if not the whole match, I realized I could play this game without killing anybody. So that’s what the resolution is, to not kill anyone in a video game for a year.

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