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Resolution: Majora’s Mask, Part 2


That’s right it is finally here! It’s the return of relatively regular posts about my New Year’s resolution to avoid killing in video games. We are returning with the second half of my write up for Majora’s Mask 3DS.

Disclaimer: To maintain my steam of consciousness writing style, I did not look up the names for anything I’m talking about. I then didn’t edit it after ward because I think it might make the post more accessible, and is more funny written that way.

So jumping right in I’m going to admit I didn’t get as much progress in the game as I would have liked in the main quest line. I pretty much had just started the swamp story line, having met the Deku King and the monkey he’s pissed off at. After that I got to an area with giant mosquitos, one of whom I accidentally killed by shooting out of one of those giant flower things. If anyone seriously tries to suggest I should have known that would happen because it’s obvious, I recommend they reread that sentence.

So that brings the year’s kill count to 4. That’s 2 humans, 1 orc, and 1 giant mosquito.

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Resolution: Majora’s Mask, Part 1


Hello and welcome once again to me, Eric John E writing about my experiences while playing video games because you some how find that more interesting than playing them for yourself. As always we’ll be talking about playing within the confines of trying really hard not to kill people, and never choosing to do so, as part of my weird New Year’s resolution.

Today we will NOT be talking about playing Majora’s Mask. That will be Part 2. Part 1 will instead be about everything I experience around the game before playing it (at the time I am writing this I have not started playing yet.)

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Island of Misfit Games: Space Station Silicon Valley

We’ve all played games in our youth that we absolutely fell in love with, only to grow up and find out that the game is extremely hated by a majority of gamers or that barely anyone has even heard about it. How could this be?! This game was your childhood! A chunk of your life went into this! Did you waste part of your life on a bad game?! Often this is because as kids we don’t realize if something is terribly designed, we only care if it’s fun, which is a very vague term that could mean anything to a kid. However, there are times where that “bad” game in question was not actually bad at all. You go back to play it years later and even with all your growth and experience you still can’t understand why people would not enjoy this game. Maybe they didn’t understand it, or maybe the game had bad marketing so no one even gave it a chance. There could be many reasons a game did not get the recognition it deserved, so here on the Island of Misfit Games we’re going to look back at some older games that deserved a lot more appreciation than they got.
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