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The Future of Television

Future of TV

Television is a medium on the verge of a pretty big change. This isn’t because of a hardware change in screens, it is because there are many people who aren’t buying standard cable plans anymore. Netflix instant watch, different TV networks’ websites, and torrenting have replaced typical distribution of shows for many people. Many are looking at this trend and speculating that television is a dying medium. Alternatively, some are saying that television will continue to exist, but only in a format similar to Netflix’s shows, where every episode of a season is delivered all at once. I disagree. Live TV isn’t dead. And waiting in between installments of episodes definitely isn’t either.
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Dawson’s Creek Season One

In 1998 nobody on the planet thought about owning shows on VHS or DVD. Why would they? Sure people recorded shows onto VHS but they were weird psychopaths that everyone would grow up to love. Any show you wanted you could catch in re-runs. *Smash Cut* NOW us marathoners crave DVD and streaming releases so we can close the shades, gather some snacks, and sit in the dark watching episode after episode of The Wire while peeing in milk bottles. Why am I explaining this? Because…. don’t lose your minds… on the DVDs and Netflix releases of Dawson’s Creek, “I Don’t Want To Wait” is not the theme song! It’s “Run Like Mad“. I still encourage you to play it in the background while you read this though. For a ton of old shows, Dawson’s Creek included, they just didn’t get the rights for home video releases of the show and why would they? They had no idea that the show would have such a profound impact on America’s older sisters. So how does Thrilliam like it?


You guyz!

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Bates Motel

“A television show that is a prequel to not only one of the greatest horror movies but one of the greatest movies PERIOD? You know you are stupid right?” -Is what I would say to whoever came up with the idea for Bates Motel… if it wasn’t actually good.


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