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Google’s Pokemon Challenge


I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while now, but life got in the way. Then I was lazy, and then the idea wasn’t really topical. Recent events have changed that though, so now I’m finally going to write it.

For anyone that completely missed it the Pokemon Challenge was Google’s elaborate April Fools’ game for this year. Now I’m not going to write this as a review because this kind of thing really is unprecedented. There’s nothing good to compare it to really. So instead I’m just going to go step by step with my own experience with it and try to justify my reactions.

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Google Keep: a Modern-Day Post-It Notebook

In March of last year, Google announced Google Keep, a simple app aiming to be a quick and convenient place to jot down notes that would otherwise end up lost on scraps of paper in coat pockets, piles of paperwork, and washing machines. While it’s little more than a digital notebook, Keep has become my go-to notes application when I need to quickly write down ideas that occur to me on the go, names of bars and restaurants that I hear about from friends, short lists of groceries to grab when I’m out, or interesting apps and websites I want to check out when I have more time. For all I know, a couple of (design-oriented) interns could have built it over a couple weekends to promote Google Drive’s Realtime API, but that’s all a simple notes app should be.

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