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Resolution: Amazing Spider-Man 2, the game


So I decided to get this game not because it could be good, but purely as a celebration of the wonderful news that came out last week. If you live in a world without internet, and somehow magically are reading this post, that news is that Spider-Man will be rebooting in the films as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s a bunch of other legal mumbo jumbo around it, but that’s not really relevant to this post. Instead this post is just about the game, and some possible realization I’m having about the character thematically.

First off this game has a lot going for it, which if you only have seen review scores, you’ll find as surprising as I did (part of why review scores are BS, but that’s a topic for another day I think.) In fact I think this might be my favorite superhero game in a long time. Please note that I do not think it’s my favorite game in which you play as a superhero character. I’ll explain the difference.

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Where Have all the Sidekicks Gone?


Robin is a rookie cop named Robin John Blake with far less depth and skill than his comic book counterpart. Bucky is a late twenties soldier who doesn’t survive to the film’s climax. Roy Harper has roid rage and will probably never pick up a bow. You can’t go to a comic book news website without seeing an article questioning if Johnny Storm’s race matters, but Jimmy Olsen became Jenny Olsen in Man Of Steel without instilling controversy, applause, or any reaction at all. Rick Jones doesn’t exist in the Marvel films at all.

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FF Volume 2: Review


First things first. There’s a difference between volume and Volume. “Volume” is the entire run with the same title and becomes a new Volume when they start numbering issues at 1 again. Where as a “volume” is just the number on the binding of the collection that you bought at the store. Confusing, I know.

So I want to do a quick summation to start, that way you can decide to read it or not quick. That way if you do decide to read it, you can comeback and see if you agree with me about the spoiler-y bits. It’s only 16 issues by the way. And there’s a reason for that, which I’ll get to.

The story is absolutely fantastic (pun not intended). If you needed proof that Scott Lang’s Ant-Man is awesome, here it is. The character stuff is fantastic (now it was intended). The Fantastic Four is best when it’s about one of two things: family, or exploration. It’s either the superhero version of National Lampoon’s Vaction, or it’s the superhero version of Lewis and Clark. FF: Volume 2 tackles the family road (and nails it). I literally finished the last issue and then went to go give my dad a hug, which I’m sure he found really weird.

Also it’s written by Matt Fraction, so you can expect the same humor as his Hawkeye (or Hawk-Guy) series. Scott Lang plays that same as Barton, only less hopeless and trying to take care of a bunch of super kids.

But there’s one drawback…

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The Five Marvel Films That Should be made after Ant-Man (and Doctor Strange)


This article is going to partially be a wish list for the Marvel movies I want to see soon. I’m going to try and do my best to do so rationally, as in choosing ones that actually stand a good to decent chance of being made. This is also partially a reaction to various websites that seam unhappy that some of their favorite characters are not being made while Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy are. Also, every Superhero movie until 2016 has been announced, so get over it and hope for the future.

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