Welcome to SnP everyone. We here at Steals n’ Phonies review things, talk about things, and basically make shit up. We aren’t fair and balanced reviewers, but we don’t pretend to be. What we try to do here is to create an open atmosphere of talking about experiences as if we are talking to each other in a room. We want to tell you what we think about a topic. It isn’t always the end of discussion on that topic. We may change our views, and we may not. This is why we encourage our team to write posts on topics already covered by another author if they want to. We want to learn from each others’ perspectives. We hope you enjoy and reply with your own thoughts and anecdotes!

Also, you may find yourself asking why we call ourselves Steals n’ Phonies. Well, it sure isn’t us condoning plagiarism or theft. Rather, as content creators, we feel that it is important to acknowledge that very little that we make is new. Almost everything is an iteration on ideas that came before. Creation does not occur in a vacuum. This is something we want to recognize. By doing this, and creating this forum to discuss what we liked about different films and comics and games, we can get to the heart of what truly makes good media experiences and, hopefully, this will allow us to better take lessons from these initial innovations and be inspired. We can iterate and innovate with all of the current and past forms of media as an example, a jumping off point. We are creators, but in order to create better things, we need to study what has already been done. This is the angle we come from when talking about different media.

-Bryan, Eric, Grant, and The Team



Bryan Korab

I am the Bryan Korab. Creator of Chad Kickington and lover of kung fu movies. I also enjoy talking about video games as much as I play them. I am currently seeking employment in the game industry which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Until then I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head that I hope to turn into something with my immense free time. Fingers crossed.

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Eric John E

Mild mannered game maker by day, avid culture consuming Super-Mage by night https://twitter.com/MrEricJohnE

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Grant Parker

I'm currently a Game Designer at Crystal Dynamics. I went to school at Champlain College in Burlington, VT where I graduated with a B.S. in Game Design (oh, the double meanings). I'm originally from Atlanta, GA. Storytelling is the thing that we, as humans can do better than any other species. We can learn from each other and share experiences. I'm amazed by that and so I set out in a career to share experiences with others.

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David Watkins

Learn more at DavidOfWatkins.com!

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Donny Torrey

Do I have to write an about me, Grant? Our readers should already know that I am a devilishly handsome american teen-heartthrob who wanders the dark recesses of the internet looking for recognition and stupid videos. They should also know that I am a currently unemployed game designer working to break into the industry, so that I'm no longer trapped in the dull world of retail. It's also well known that I like to discuss and focus on the mechanics and systems of games and how they bring a game together. Most of our readers will already be able to tell this by the articles I write. So I really see no point in writing an about me, except to inform them that I hate clowns.

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Kyle Killian

Diligently keeping an eye on the business happenings of the game industry. Loves indie games and Warcraft. Loves good TV. Loves sushi, beer, and whiskey. Loves women. Probably hates you. Sorry.

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Louis Galanti

I'm Lou the Jew.

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Ryan Teixeira

I’m the film guy with a film degree trying to break into the film industry in big beautiful (not) Los Angeles. I’m a writer, so expect almost all of my comments on film to eventually boil down to the idea of story structure. I might hate what you love but, unless you’re an idiot, you have the right to your ridiculous misguided stupid ugly opinion.

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Ryan Warner

Android, Google, San Francisco. I don't know what I want to eat, what do you want?

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William Dramstad

I'm crazy.... about horror movies.

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