Resolution: TF2


Here’s my first gaming experience with the New Year’s resolution to not kill people in games. You can find my first post describing the resolution itself somewhere on this website I’m sure.

So when I first started my resolution, I didn’t have any game consoles in my new apartment. This limited my first game choice to something on my Steam library (which exists on a Mac laptop, so it’s not great). That’s pretty much the only reason I started with Team Fortress 2.

Now the obvious choice would be to just play medic, but since I was playing in matchmaking and not with any friends I knew, that wouldn’t have been very fun.

Instead I made a custom Scout class that used the Sandman bat and the Bonk Atomic Energy Drink. The energy drink gives you invulnerability and a speed boost while preventing you from attacking. Sounds perfect right? Problem was while in this state you also could not capture a point, and capturing the flag knocks you out of that state. So I quickly began relying on the Sandman bat. This bat has the special property of having an alt-fire that hit a ball up into the air. If the ball hits an enemy in the head, it stuns them. The ball arcs so hitting them in the head is way easier than hitting them somewhere else (this’ll come up again later).


So this was actually pretty fun. Running up into the battle, hitting the ball to stun an enemy, then running away. You can only carry one ball at a time so you have to run away to get more (unless your base spawn point is being attacked, then you have infinite ammo right next to you).

I was in a situation like this where a Demo-knight (Demoman using a sword and shield) was camping at our base and killing everyone who came out. With multiple people repeatedly trying to kill him, the Demo-knight had sustained quite a bit of damage.

I re-spawned eventually, determined to stun him to help someone else kill him or at least scare him off. I jumped out and launched the ball. Since I was so close to him, the ball pegged him right in the stomach. I died right after so did not see the outcome, but by the time I spawned again he was gone.

Suspicious of the outcome I opened the score bored for the match I saw with horror “Kills: 1.” I had accidentally killed the Demo-knight with the tiniest bit of damage.

After that my Scout class was either too useless or too dangerous to use and started to use the Medic. If I could kill a guy once by accident with that class it’s easy to assume I would again.

After that experience I found an interesting correlation to the big anti-bullying campaigns. This might seem like a stretch but bare with me. I’d say both in the game and in life, it doesn’t matter who does the most damage to a person but who does the last bit to push to finally kill them, at least physically. Emotional violence is far more nebulous of course but the thought still stands. There’s no way for a person to know how much more damage a person can take. If you’re that last person, are you not credited for the kill? If we all agree that killing is bad, then it’s not worth the risk right? Food for thought or pretentious ramble from a fake gamer? That’s all up to you.

Thankfully, in the time since this story takes place, I have gotten my Xbox 360 shipped to my new apartment and received an Xbox One as a birthday present from my awesome sister. That means games you can probably expect to see a write up for will include CoD: Advanced Warfare, Shadows of Mordor, Walking Dead: Season 2 maybe, Batman Arkham Origins (I want to finish it before Knight comes out) and Pokemon eventually.

Till next time, don’t kill people.

-Eric John E

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